Bend It Like Tibet, Real Beauty and There’s An App For That: Spark’s News Digest

Bend It Like Tibet, Real Beauty and There’s An App For That:  Spark’s News Digest

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First Tibetan Women’s Soccer Team Blazes a Trail

GLOBAL: Tibetan’s First Women’s Soccer Team Blazes a Trail

Bend It Like Tibetan Women. Last year, Tibet formed their first women’s soccer team, receiving praise and concern from the community. Traditionally, Tibetan women have a very respected role in the house, but not always in society. The team’s coach vision was to create a team who can speak their truth as a tool for peace and equality. David Beckham would be proud.

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HUMAN RIGHTS: In Human Rights, What Does ‘Access to Remedy’ Really Mean?

Suing corporations for human rights violations just got harder. The Supreme Court ruled on Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum that cases under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) will now be presumptively dismissed when the alleged human rights abuses occur outside the United StatesTo ensure conflicts don’t escalate, it’s now even more essential that civic organizations like Accountability Counsel and BSR, are brought in to provide non-legal support. Considering the large capacity gap, how will civic groups be able to provide the support needed?

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GLOBAL: Inequality in the Pursuit of Feminism

Is being a feminist an elite proposition? While feminist advances are often measured by counting women in senior positions, the shrinking power of women at the other end of the income spectrum is too often ignored, a report says. Leaning In is important, but so is understanding the huge inequalities and increased insecurity at the bottom.

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TECHNOLOGYCan An App Stop Rape in India?

Is it possible for an app to save lives? Circle of 6 let’s your friends know when you are in a situation that you want to get out of. It has pre-set messages that go to a pre-selected group of friends in just two taps. The White House recognizes this app as a tool in sexual assault prevention and there has been a surge of uploads in India since the rape and murder of Jyoti Singh. If a legal system is not protecting you, it’s nice to know that your friends and technology can help.

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OPINION: The Confidence Questions

Dove’s recent “Real Beauty” campaign has received a lot of press for portraying women’s self-confidence issues. When asked to describe themselves, the self-descriptions are sadder, less attractive and more closed-off than how others perceived them. Dove’s campaign propelled David Brooks to ponder the issues of self-criticism and self-assertion. He wonders if marrying the two stereotypically female and male traits could produce better results.

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