First, Failures and Fights: Spark News Digest

Firsts in Canada, failures in entrepreneurship and fighting the good fight in Russia.  The latest and most though-provoking news findings of the past week. Here is your Spark news digest.

Read, discuss, share.

Kathleen Wynne Elected Next Ontario Premier


CANADA: On Top, For Now

In Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, the first women leader and Canada’s first openly gay provincial premier was elected to office. While to many Canada may seem like the poster child for social progress, Canada lags in electing women to high office. Will this change in office help restore underlying feeling many have of lost integrity in politics?

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SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIPWomen Entrepreneurs and Failure

Try, try, try again. It is said that successful entrepreneurial ventures typically fail three times before hitting success. While women have made strides in traditionally male fields like business and entrepreneurship, the way women internalize failure can be an impediment to potential success down the road. This article explains how self-assessment and perception can change the game.

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INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Clinton Focuses Global Dialogue on Democracy, Women’s Rights (Africa)

Hillary Clinton said that in her four years as Secretary of State, she and President Obama have tried to promote foreign policy strategy where nations take more responsibility for the state of their future. When Clinton was questioned about the ongoing difficulty that women encounter as they strive for positions of importance in many countries, she called the advancement of women and girls “the cause of my life.” How will Clinton continue the advancement after stepping down as Secretary of State?

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INTERNATIONAL: Syrian War Refugees Flee Sexual Violence – Aid Agency

A humanitarian emergency is emerging in Syria that could last years. Syria’s civil war is unleashing a “staggering humanitarian disaster”, sending hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, many of them citing fear of rape. Read what’s happening to them now.

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INTERNATIONAL: In Russia Volunteers Step Up

Despite government control, grassroots volunteerism is taking shape in Russia. Personal initiative to help others has been fueled by social media and not so unexpectedly coincides with the rise in public political protests. Will this propel a discourse shift of civic engagement in Russia?

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