Spark supports women AND women support Spark

BY SARAH MIERS, Spark Fellow

At Spark, we are our network. We could not do the work we do for grassroots women’s organizations around the world without the donation of time, talent and vision from our members. Let’s take a moment to spotlight a few women-run,  businesses that enhance Spark’s events with their creative and generous support.

For the last six years, Mary Podgurski of pod and seed has made Spark sparkle. As the event designer and genius behind our Black & Pink Ball, Mary has brought chic elegance
to our events with her unique floral arrangements and stunning event design.

Roberta Ahrens, an accomplished decorative artist, lent Spark her beautiful paintings for last year’s Black & Pink Ball. Her work is featured around the country in top-notch restaurants and businesses. Volunteers on Spark’s Events Committee aren’t the only ones who appreciated this gift, as over 1,000 guests enjoyed her work.

Mona Brooks is the woman
behind the camera at most Spark events. As a talented photojournalist and portraiture,
her keen eye is present in all of our party pics. AND she is a women’s rights advocate to boot! Check out her Title IX Series to see what we mean.

Spark is thankful to have such a strong network of dedicated individuals with diverse talents.  You come to our events, support our grantees with donations, volunteer your time and provide your expert services. Thank you for all your continued support and hard work!


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